How to Ensure a Good Sale this Festive Season

Indians are known for their vibrant festivals and the gusto with which they revel in. The last quarter of the year is possibly the most celebratory for us and the great weather adds to the joy of the festive season.

Every business is gearing up to get those cash registers ringing, so what is it that you can additionally do to land more sales and bank as much profit as possible, no matter what the economic climate. The key is to be proactive. Don’t sit back and let the festive season unfold before you. If you want the most sales possible, it’s up to you to take charge and make it happen.

We have condensed this blog to include the best advice from industry experts on how to sell more product, pocket more profit and grow your business into next year – here’s what these savvy professionals had to say about maximizing your sales this festive season:

Plan Promotions

Work out a detailed marketing plan for the period from now through January 1, elaborate on your strategy for discounts and deals, how to reach out to customer base (email, direct mails, social media promotion, paid campaigns, print or electronic ads etc.), plan out your marketing budget. Make sure your email marketing lists are complete and updated.

Analyse Sales Trends

You can use google trends to start. Enter your keywords that you expect a shopper to ask and look how it worked the last festive season. The best way to analyze is by going through your last year sales analysis report.

Target customers who have shown interest in the past

People who have shown interest in your products before are the ones who know about your product and are most likely to shop from you than people who have never visited your store.

Use Social Media

Everyone is online at some point, with the attention span of 5 secs – have something interesting to say at regular intervals and back it up with interesting visuals. Boost your posts with spurts of paid advertising.

Customer Service

Train all your employees about the product. Educate them about your brand’s policies. Be attentive to your customer, on time.

Start on Time

The pre-festival sales strategy is organic and you can change it accordingly. While the early shoppers must be looking for a wholesome shopping experience, the latecomers will prioritize early delivery more than anything else. Build a strategy that serve to both these markets.

Manage your inventory

Keep your inventory stocked more than you do usually. Study your previous sales reports and keep stock of numbers you would require.

Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate!

Most products can be viewed online or showcased at your store, demonstrations do increase sales – if they’re done right. If you want the most sales possible, you need to give your employees a selling road map to follow.

Focus on upselling and add-on sales

Determine which products can be paired up for sale together, to increase the value of any given sale (add-on selling) and which products have more expensive or upgraded models that salespeople can suggest customers consider (upselling).

Use pay incentives to motivate.

Make sure your salespeople can earn a commission to encourage higher sales. Set specific sales goals and track salesperson performance.

And let’s not forget to pack-in a special surprise in each delivery or sale you make this festive season. This could be an additional/exclusive discount voucher for the next purchase or even a small ‘Thank You’ gift. Small gestures like this resound in the mind for the next time around. Enjoy the season!

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