Key Technologies every Small Business owner must have

Every small business owner wants to boost the efficiency and success rate of their business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. With marginal resources to squander, small business owners must be well aware of the key business tools available that could boost productivity. Whether it is a business plan software or accounting software, technology has completely overtaken the playing field making it now feasible for small business owners to compete with their well-established rivals. The same technology is used by almost all type of business owners for boosting their sales and productivity. Using recommendations from Forbes, below is a curated a list of must-have tools that all small business owners can utilize.


It’s all about the numbers. How much traffic does your website generate? Where does the majority of that traffic come from? What are some key demographics of your target audience? All of these questions play a major role in the success of a business, and tracking them is no easy feat. That’s where Google Analytics comes to play. Users can view intelligent data at any time.

Document Storage

Tired of filing cabinets full of loose documents that just keep mounting? Or bursting computer hard drives? EchoSign is an eco-friendly solution. Simply upload your documents onto the EchoSign server and send to the other party. It also has an e-sign capability for contracts, saving the need for a printer, scanner and paper.

Point of Sale

Mobile solutions aren’t only for large established retailers. Merchants of all sizes can integrate these flexible systems into a traditional POS setup or operate one or more terminals in a stand-alone network. Besides being your cash register, mPOS are key integrators for back-end processes like accounting and inventory and as a vehicle for increased customer engagement. Retail business owners are facing increased competition, smaller margins, and reduced customer trust. mPOS technologies offer solutions to many of these difficult challenges.

Soft file Storage & Transfer

Utilizing the cloud saving capability, users can save all of their images, documents, and video clips onto their Dropbox account, which can then be accessed from anywhere. No need to worry about losing a document, or sending files that are too large.

Design Dilemas

For those businesses that have design on their mind, Wix is a great resource for website and blog creation. Wix uses a drag and drop template so you can fully customize your site, for free.

Talent Search

This technology essentially has a huge database of contractors looking for work – all you need to do is and follow their step-by-step process to find the best person for your company. You can then set up a virtual interview without even leaving your workspace, and easily assign your chosen candidate the project at hand.

Choosing the right technology for your business is a powerful tool in the hands of owners and employees. Needless to say, technology has improved operations at companies of all sizes and helped turn small local businesses into global businesses. So, keep an eye on the pulse of the tech market out there and be aware of solutions that your business could use.


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