Loyalty Marketing & Value Added Services can help you Make More Money

The customer is truly king. Now more than ever. There are more options for customers; their voice is stronger with free opinions on large social media channels. Businesses need to understand the power of the customer beyond just sales.

Today, we talk about how to be more customer oriented and earn their loyalty that will eventually beat the odds out there.

Showcase value

It’s not enough to just announce your great product or service on offer. You need to further break it down with the right information. This comes from understanding who your customer is, why are they looking for your product/service, where and when would they need it. Imagine all the scenarios and then address this in your content. This instantly elevates the value of the product in their eyes. This is your opportunity to create more value in your business-customer relationship.

Great Service

Be there from the start to the end. More so, at the end of purchase. Customers need that reassurance of personal interface when they need it.  Allow your customers to get in touch with you through multiple channels – phone, email, social media, online chat, help desk and so on. Keep an eye out on your customer’s favorite social media, sometimes they will reach out to you from there and you want to be in a position where you address the concern quickly.

Understand the consumer

Who is your customer? What problems are they trying to solve? How can you make it easier for them to make a buying decision? Could you provide more or better information than your competitors? Could you cater to a market that’s currently undeserved?

Frequent Buyer Program

Everybody loves a freebie, even if they don’t need it. The most common practice to incentivise your customers is a reward program. Let your customer earn while they spend and even when they redeem the earned points, offer more value like free delivery or up sell another product by offering package deals or discounts. This will keep them coming back when they need to buy more of what you have to offer.


Don’t short change on how your presentation is. Pay attention to the details as customers will remember your product visually first. Add a value added voucher with your delivery to enhance the service experience.

Small things can make the difference. There is little doubt that it requires creativity, innovation and a willingness to work on your customer’s loyalty or the value adds given to them. But the key is to get there first with the most.


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