Olympics Sales Report

ePaisa sellers just made 83% more sales during the 2016 Rio Olympics: What Industries Saw The Best Sales?

The world gathers every four years since 1896 to compete in the modern Olympics, a beautiful celebration of athletics in diverse forms. The Olympics is not only a busy and exciting time in the sports world but is also a critical period for businesses.

To measure the impact, it had on the businesses in India, we at ePaisa compiled data from more than 5000 businesses. Our goal was to determine the popularity of Rio Olympics in the Indian market and create an Olympic-like sales competition based on major product categories.
Businesses competed (unknowingly) within the ePaisa backend tool between Aug 5 and Aug 21 in a total of 7 sales categories:

inforgraph_newAccording to the data, we see a record breaking not only in sports but in businesses as well. That’s a lot of haircuts. And cups of coffee. Together, ePaisa sellers made 83% more in sales in this time period using ePaisa POS system.

thank-you_newSo here’s to the power of independent business. You inspire us every day.

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