POS solutions offer aid to run business all through this corona epidemic

With POS solutions corporate managers are able to keep a watch of their daily reports from anywhere remotely without any social engagement.

The ill effects of Corona pandemic harm our lungs and airways. Coronavirus has the whole world under its fold and this epidemic has caused damage to our daily lives, overall health to our business development. There are new positive cases reported each day. The pandemic has caused a lot of concern to the Government of all the countries who are doing their best to impart directives to take precautions and control the spread of the virus.

The lockdown of countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus has caused economic crisis. This has resulted in low productivity, particularly on small businesses.

India Scenario

As stated by the Indian Council of Medical Research India continues to be dealing the Covid-19 outbreak. Following social distancing practices can help stop the spread of infections. People are guided to practise social distancing from one another to help stop the spread of infections. Many colleges, schools, clubs, most public places are not fully functional and employees are forced to work part time or from home to stop the spread.

The ill effects and impact can be seen on the economy of the countries. Specially, the small business sectors such as Local Grocery Provision Stores, Kirana shops, SME’s, MME’s and all categories of Vendors worldwide.

To effectively deal with the spread of virus is to move on to digital business resolutions that can help business sectors to continue their daily tasks in the best way. The Point of Sale Solutions help various businesses succeed digitally through its features.

With the help of POS solutions, a number of business proprietors and administrators are keeping a track of their daily reports from anywhere remotely without any social engagements. The new feature helps them to plan and monitor business growth by giving access to information on sales, things, and clients all in one organised summary with dates and accounts. The trading company can have access to relevant data from anywhere by successively conducting the business without social meetings. Along with it, the inventory management feature permits the owners and staff to supervise the business and to track each stock availability. With a percent of sale of the products, they are able to receive an alert notification of the quantity of stock presented on real time basis. Basically, it helps them to continue with the increase in product demand.

Move towards Cashless Economy 

With the directives from the Government of India, the citizens are urged to avoid cash transactions. This is one of the significant features of any POS system is to accept digital payment. Merchants and retailers who already have POS are accepting card and QR payments from the buyers for quick billing thus avoiding one to one touch, huge gathering and long queues. On the other hand, the buyers receive a digital receipt against their purchase. All these features are helping as an alternative to manual effort avoiding any social assembly and also saving time.

After causing a lot of panic around COVID-19 spread with basic necessities  flying off the shelves now business owners can get better organised with digital transactions.

Their staff and customers can be informed and made aware about the gains of digital dealings. Especially the retailers who mostly deal with consumer products and Grocery Shops can witness panic situation with bulk purchasing and crowd gathering which is unsafe for the masses. A methodical approach needs to be taken with technology or cloud-based business solutions like POS would be beneficial and advised to these businesses.

As we have witnessed in recent times, coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we work, shop and travel with people following precautions making it the only way forward to a healthy existence.

 Ref: Authored by Pravin kumar Bhandari, Chief Business Officer, ePaisa




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